Adult Services

Employment Services

CAPUP offers career counseling  and coaching for job seekers in the capital region. We provide job search and resume writing assistance, as well as interviewing and networking opportunities.  For further information please contact our Manager of Employment Services, Stephanie Baccus at: (804) 788-0050 ext. 149


CAPUP's MetroCash program provides clients with free tax preparation services, including advocacy for client's eligibility for qualifying for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). We also offer financial literacy guidance and education courses and services. 

Virginia Cares

CAPUP is a proud participant in Virginia Cares, a statewide re-entry program for adult prisoners and ex-prisoners aimed at helping clients make successful transitions back into their community by providing assistance with transportation, identification cards, work clothing, temporary housing, nutrition education, as well as job training and placement. Virginia Cares also provides clients with life-skill training in selected correctional institutions, case management, counseling, and group activities. For more information please contact CAPUP's Virginia Cares Manager, Audrey Taylor at: (804)-733-3350